First Quarter


January - February - March 2017

Dear praying friends and family,

We began the New Year by casting the vision for 2017 as “Unashamed” from Romans 1:16.   In the month of January and February, the preaching focused on the family as being God’s instrument to build strong churches and reach the world with His Word. In this quarter, we’ll be dealing with stewardship.  The main focus remains “Unashamed.”  In this prayer letter, we would like to update you on the ministries of the work that the Lord has used to change the lives of precious souls that you have prayed for and supported us to reach.

Soul Winning.  We thank the Lord for those who are committed and consistently faithful in soul winning.   We have led over 120 souls to the Lord through door to door outreach, Bible Club, and school chapel. It is evident by our increase in church attendance.

Discipleship:  Brother Prosper, who heads this department, is doing a fantastic job in making sure that the converts are being visited for discipleship on a weekly basis.  Pray that the Lord will strengthen us to remain faithful.  Pray for the spiritual growth of those we are reaching and teaching.

Missions: We’ve taken on two new missionaries; one reaching the deaf and the other reaching Moslems. Our faith promise has quadrupled and the new church plant in the northern region is doing well.  The pastor there is in need of a motorcycle ($1,785) to effectively reach more people in the remote areas. We, Lighthouse Baptist Church in Tema, are raising funds to contribute to his need.

Bible Institute:  We are studying the book of Romans. Pray for the preacher boys to stay encouraged.  Pray that the Lord would show them how He would use them to serve in the area of church planting.

Bible Club: We’re using the King’s Kids Bible Club program at church and at a local school.  We’ve challenged all the children to memorize Psalm 25.  We’ll be starting another Bible Club on the compound of the house in community 22 where we used to live.  We are targeting about 40 children.

Literacy Program: We started this program at our doorstep when we arrived 10 years ago.  Many of our students are our church members and have now completed secondary school and are now teachers of the program.   Our literacy program is reaching out to 38 pupils of whom 95% are fatherless or orphaned.  Most of the children who complete the program are able to matriculate at the junior high school level in the Ghana public schools or private schools.

Music and Instrument Repair Shop:  The orchestra has been a tremendous blessing to our ministry.  We are able to exalt the Lord with hymns, psalms and spiritual songs through various instruments during all our services.  The repair shop allows us to keep all of our instruments playable.  We’re also able to provide services to the community. A violin maker will be coming from Germany to teach and assist our daughter and do violin repair. Mary-Elisabeth and her crew repair and do maintenance of our string instruments.

Missions’ Bagels:  The single ladies and one single mother of the church have mastered the skill of bagel making and are now supplying a Baptist guest house and an international community with about eight varieties of bagels.  The funds gained from this venture are used to support the literacy program, single mothers, widows and elderly of the church. Pray that as we focus and stay busy doing the Lord’s work, He will continue to open more doors for sales.

Sewing Ministry: Eunice, a young girl we led to the Lord and discipled eight years ago, is in sewing school.  While studying, she’ll be heading a sewing project.  This ministry will help the single mothers, elderly and widows and young girls of our church to meet their basic needs and education.


Praise Report:

• In 2012, we asked that you pray for John, Dzifa and Kofi to return to church.  Well, they’ve returned and are serving.  John is serving in the bus ministry, Dzifa is leading in the visita-tion ministry and Kofi just started helping in the instrument repair shop.

• Boys Retreat in January was themed “Fearing God more than Man.” This is a direct quote from Brother Samuel Quayson, one of the preacher boys of the church: “I learned to stand for the faith in whatever circumstances I find myself in life. I learned to stand strong and firm, and fear God and not man. In my fearing God, I must stand for the truth and make a difference even if everyone is compromising in their standards and convictions. I should be courageous and make the right decisions and choices; even as King Josiah, at the age of 10, stood for the truth and made the right decision to not worship the idols of the world but to serve the almighty God. I learned that, I’ve been bought with a price and I am a child of God, an ambassador for Christ.  The difference I make is to make our Master Jesus Christ Himself, BIG in my decisions and be a servant leader. The world provides many choices but standing for Christ makes the difference.”

• Mr. Paul Tolken of Arizona volunteered his time and services and gave us a one day crash course in piano tuning.   Special thanks to him and the veteran missionary Mapes family, of the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana, for making it possible for Mr. Tolken to assist us.

Prayer Requests

• Pray for one of the leading ladies of our church who has decided to leave the church because of modesty issues.  Pray for her husband and son to remain faithful.

• Pray for Godwin Adofo and Rose Appiah to attend school regularly and to remain faithful.

• Pray for emotional and physical healing for Esinam.  Domestic violence situation.

• Pray for a single mother, Mary, who has made a decision to live pure for the Lord.

Upcoming Events for Prayer:

Our Easter production is being directed by Stephen Kearney, Brother Prosper and Brother Sammy.  Please pray for the “preacher boys” as they prepare to preach our nightly Passion Week Services and for more souls to be saved.

True Daughters Purity Retreat will be taking place on the 21st of April.  Please pray for the young girls who will be attending to commit to stay pure in body, spirit and soul.

Bible in Your Heart Language: Digital New Testament Bibles on micro SD cards will be given out to the women in our church and community this month of April.  Pray for the Lord to grow their faith as they listen to the Word of God in their language.


The Lord has provided the finances and support needed to convert our 40-foot container into a library, an office and a storage area.  We’ll be updating you on the progress of the project on Facebook in the upcoming days.  Special thanks to all our supporting and praying friends, families and churches who are making this dream a reality.  Your giving is much appreciated.

Special Requests:

We are needing character building Bible stories and videos, heroes of the faith biographies, audio books and tapes, illustrated classics, encyclopedia, board games, coloring books, crayons, folders, etc. (Please contact us through our email address fakearney@yahoo.com  or Whatsapp number 011233208557251 and we’ll let you know a quick and an economic way to send these items to us).

As always, we’re most grateful to God for giving us the privilege to be the extension of your hand and voice to reach the people of Tema, Ghana, West Africa, and to see souls saved and lives changed through the power of God’s Word.

For the Joy of Serving Jesus,

The Kearney Family

Fredrick & Antoinette Kearney.

Stephen, 17; Michael, 15; Mary-Elisabeth, 13.



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