First Quarter


January - February - March 2016

“Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and STREAMS IN THE DESERT” Isaiah 35:6

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

Who but God would have known that the struggle with our former landlord about four years ago would turn out to be a story that we would stand amazed to see the work of God’s hands. In December of last year we met a dear home school family of eight from the UK who were visiting Ghana for three months. We extended to them an invitation to our Christmas orchestral program and

they honored it. Upon the completion of the program, they decided to come and visit our first Sunday morning service of the New Year.

We came to  and out after the church service, to our surprise and amazement, that the head of this precious visiting family, Patrick, happens to be the son of our former landlord. What a small world we live in! About four years ago we asked you to pray for our bitter housing situation and for the Lord to change the heart of our landlord and save his soul. Well, thanks to your prayers, the Lord allowed me the privilege to lead Mr. Ansah, our former landlord, to the Lord through this new found relationship with his son, Patrick.

The Patrick Ansah family came as a “stream in the Desert” for our family and ministry. The Lord sent them as a “gift” to us during the Christmas and New Year season. They were an encouragement and a blessing to everyone in the church. This wonderful Bible believing family jumped right into our work of soul winning and visitation, Bible institute, Bible Club, Sunday school and Men’s and Ladies fellowship. The Lord used them to provide the cement to do the slab for the church expansion. They also provided the physical and manual labor needed to lay the concrete slab. They gifted the church with 45 new chairs. Please pray for their continuous strength and as to how the Lord would use them in Ghana when they return from the UK in the near future. We miss them tremendously.

Our theme this year is: Faith Is Loving God, Faith is Reaching Others, Faith is Growing Together, and Faith is Seeing the Impossible. This quarter we’ve seen over 200 come to know Christ and 15 baptized. We thank Temple Baptist Church of Perris for providing the banners.

We started our Easter season with our Passion Week services with the following theme: Jesus is King... Matthew 21:1-11, Jesus in Worship...Matthew 21:12, Jesus in Service...Mark 11:27, Jesus in Retirement...John



  17:9, Jesus in Communion...Luke 22:19, Jesus in Agony...Matthew 27:35 and Jesus in His Resurrection...Acts 1:3. We had an average of 61 people in attendance during these nightly services. On Resurrection Easter Sunday morning, we had our 5am sunrise service—46 people were in attendance. On the average, we are seeing a little over 100 people attend our regular Sunday morning Services.

Praise Report and Answered prayers:

Your prayers are indeed being answered to the Glory of God. During

our second furlough break, about four years ago, we asked you to pray for a

young man by the name of Ko . Just last week we visited his home and

was given the report that he has enrolled in Bible College in the Asante region of Ghana. We’re looking forward to seeing how the Lord is going to use Ko  for His glory.

For the past two years, you have been praying for the heart of Irene, a young troubled and rebellious teenager, to be softened and turned to the Lord. Her family had lost hope. Thanks to your prayers, this past January, Irene rededicated her life to the Lord and is now faithfully attending Sunday School, church services, and our literacy and music program. She is learning how to play the violin. During our Easter service, she played “Hallelujah! What a Savior!” She has completed the  first level of our reading program and was awarded a high achievement and citizenship certificate. Her grandmother is now shedding tears of joy. She has great leadership skills. She aspires to become a nurse. She will be attending our Girl’s Purity Retreat. Please continue to pray for Irene to remain committed and faithful as we disciple her.

Men’s Retreat: Many of the young boys we started with nine years ago have grown into young adults. Our theme “True Sons” spoke to their hearts as Brother Ansah led and taught them from the book of Timothy; based upon the relationship between Paul and Timothy. We had much time in prayer. Many decisions were made. Please pray for our young men to continue to be faithful and to commit their hearts to the Lord.

Ladies Fellowship Outreach: We met to reach out in a special way to the women in our community. Many of them desire to know the word of God but are not able to read. Our ladies were burdened to reach out to them by raising money and purchasing micro SD cards. We installed the New Testament Audio Bibles in their native tongue of Twi, Ewe and Ga-Danmgbe to be used in their cell phones. Before the presentation, Mrs. Clare Ansah taught and encouraged the women to become “She-Publisher’s” of God’s Word as the Samaritan woman did in the book of John 4. The women were challenged to be active soul winners. We had about twelve women from the community who attended the event. Pray for us as we continue to follow up on them.

Mission’s Conference 2016: We had our faith promise missions conference in January with the theme: Till the Whole World Knows.” Rev. Ampadu, one of our national missionaries we support, preached for the conference. The Lord worked in the hearts of our people to continue to support four missionaries and take on two additional. Our goal was to raise GHC 4,000.00 (Ghana Cedis) for the year (approx. $1,000.00). Two of our youth surrendered their lives to be missionaries to China and other parts of the world.

Literacy Program Awards Ceremony: We’re glad to report that three of our literacy program students have completed the program and are ready to enroll in the regular. Pray that the Lord will provide their families with the necessary school fees needed to enrolled them in the regular private schools.

Prayer Requests:

-Please pray for Michael, a young man, was who caught and beaten for stealing a motorcycle. After we escorted him to safety, I stitched up his wounds, brought him home to my house and shared the gospel with him. He accepted Christ, but he has not returned for discipleship. Pray that the Holy Spirit would arrest his heart and cause him to make himself available for discipleship.

-We have had a couple of deaths in our church family recently. Patience, one of our charter members, lost her mother in February. Young Joseph and Esther lost their father in January. Pray for them to continue to trust in the Lord to supply all their needs.

- Pray for the hearts of our young women and girls to commit to living a separated life from the world in our upcoming Girl’s Purity Retreat.

- Pray for our upcoming Leadership retreat. Pray for the Lord to strengthen and develop our leadership team.

-Please pray for Brother Moses to return to church and complete his “Overcomers Victorious” addiction program.

Truly the Lord has been good us. We are most grateful to Him for the sacrificial love He demonstrated for us on Calvary two thousand years ago. That same love is true today and is available to every sin, sick, soul. As always, thank you for giving us the privilege to make that

truth known as we serve the Lord in the city of Tema, Ghana, West Africa.


For the Joy of Serving Jesus,

The Kearney Family

Fredrick & Antoinette Kearney.

Stephen, 17; Michael, 15; Mary-Elisabeth, 13.



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